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High concentration of vitamin C strengthens and your Immune System

Camu Camu powder. We can describe it as having a strong, spicy citrus flavor. It can be easily mixed with orange juice or any other beverages. Camu Camu itself contains 30 to 60 times more vitamin C than and orange in its fresh state. It offers up to 600 times more vitamin C than oranges when dry as dust.

For this reason we can say that Camu Camu, is the only documented fruit that has proven to provide more vitamin C than any other fruit in the world!

Camu Camu is known for its role in stimulating the immune system and helping reduce the severity of colds.

Helps the body heal faster when you have a wound and also servesĀ to prevent cataracts to fight free radicals that accumulate your eye as a result of sun exposure.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C also helps regulate: blood pressure, cholesterol levels and sugar levels in the blood.

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